Seth Majnoon

dance and non-dance


A new play challenging dominant narratives of the relationship to religion among homeless LGBTQ youth. Premiered in 2018 at the Trans Theatre Festival, The Brick, New York.
Crucifixion Sun is the final Good Friday sermon of the least repentant itinerant preacher in the Southwest, a passion play with all the moral fiber of a Western. A homeless teenager and a discredited saint journey down the I-5 highway, a landscape ridden with unscrupulous angels and reactionary congregants, who pursue the unlikely pair as they head toward the crossroads between sanctification and destitution, trying their damnedest to dodge queer martyrdom.



Written and Choreographed by Seth Majnoon
Directed by Dmitri Barcomi
Featuring AJ Dresdale, Alex Guhde, Rae Haas, Seren Sonell
Lighting Design by Evan Kerr
Costume Design by Anna Marie Hurdle
Stage Manager Nat DiMario